Welcome To IP1

IP1 is a product and internet service that use fiber optic integration and radio network for businesses and housing needs. IP1’s network cover Makassar, Solo, Manado,Palu, and is officially running in JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) since the begining of 2018. This supreme internet product is an outcome of the cooperation between CAM and  Intersat.

CAM technology and network have established a solution in delivering infrastructure with high reliability, fast, responsive and hospitable service.

Why IP1?


Installation can be done easily, it connects to the CPE (Customer’s Preises Equipment) that we install in each customer location and easily connected to one of our towers in the coverage area

Large Capacity

  • FO quality through air
  • Each tower works in aggregation
  • Capacity can be enlarged according to customer requirements

Stable and Reliable Connection

  • The system works redundant
  • Self-healing
  • Auto-routing

High Security

  • Reliable transmission of encrypted data
  • System with an integrated and well-established firewall
  • Network management in each client is regulated by the customer

Coverage Area

  • Covering the areas of Makassar City, as well as the City of Solo and Manado
  • Easy to reach areas that are difficult to get through cable-based networks
  • The covered area can be easily and briefly expanded